Our practice philosophy

Dr. Thorsten Jahn’s team puts these principles into action in the interest of uncompromising precision and dedication to meeting the wishes and needs of the people and patients whose care is entrusted to them.

The use of the microscope in all dental treatments has revolutionised dentistry, and this is expressed in the term "New Dentistry“.

  • "People are at the centre of everything we do"
  • We see the patient as our partner: by understanding their dental situation, the patient plays an informed role in the diagnosis, laying a sound foundation for the common aspiration of maintaining their dental health.
  • Application of the latest quality standards:  to perform efficient, affordable and high-quality dentistry based on proven scientific findings.  Maximum communication:  information and knowledge are conveyed by pictorial communication, with alternative treatments explained in a way that the patient can understand


The main priority of the Dr.  Jahn practice is to reinstate masticatory function, as effectively and aesthetically as possible, resulting in the best possible quality of life.

To achieve this objective, with all patients we use a dental microscope which captures video imagery in 1X to 20X magnification.

It was back in 2001 that Dr. Thorsten Jahn presented his concept of "The New Dentistry" to the World Conference of the Dental Federation (FDI) in Malaysia, entitled: "The use of the dental microscope in restorative dentistry".

According to this concept, the key to maximum precision and gentle treatment lies in the consistent use of the microscope, because "You can only treat what you can see with your eyes."